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My partner Chris is a composer and musician, so for today’s post I asked for his help in making a track involving the sounds from my wool-winder and some knitting needles.  The idea was to film it all in one take, but that would have made a 24 minute movie, so instead we’ve clipped it into this cheesy video so you can see the process involved.  Turn this up (or use headphones) as the winder is a bit quiet at the beginning.

Click here to download Chris’s music for The Paper Cinema‘s Odyssey

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A Resolution to be a Better Blogger!

Hello and apologies for my lack of posts over the last month.  I’m not sure what’s happened really, I’ve lost my mojo recently and haven’t even got much done by way of knitting.  I thought I’d share with you some photo’s from the last couple of weeks to make up for my lack of craft content!

On the 4th July we took a day trip to Llangennith in Wales to get some fresh air (and some surf, in Chris’s case).  It was a pretty rainy day to start out with, but then this lovely little pocket of sunshine opened up! It was a shame we hadn’t taken the tent, as neither of us had anything pressing the next day we couldn’t put back.  Instead we went for a couple of games of pool and curry in the pub before heading back 🙂

These next couple of pictures were taken at Bristol Harbourside, just outside the Arnolfini, which might just be my new favourite knit spot.

I find when I’m designing it’s so easy to stay within the confines of my house, or pop out to the local park to get fresh air.  I still don’t feel like I really know Bristol all that well, and I don’t know that many people still after a year.  So aside from blogging more regularly, I also want to get out a bit more and see stuff, even just sitting here for an hour made me feel like I was letting the world in a bit more 🙂

This weekend Chris was playing at Latitude Festival with The Paper Cinema.  I was lucky enough to go along too, and we had a chilled few days pottering about seeing what took our fancy.

Latitude 2012
The Paper Cinema Latitude 2012
The Hurly Burly Cafe - Latitude 2012
In the past I’ve always gone to festivals for the bands, so it was nice to see some of the other things that were going on.  We spent a bit of time in the comedy tent, at the disco shed, in the woods watching visuals, and discovering new music and crafts.  The picture above was taken in the Hurly Burly cafe, where the burritos were delicious and accompanied by the staff showing a dance to Tune-Yards ‘My Country’.

The rain managed to hold out most of the weekend, though it did come down a bit in the night so it was pretty muddy!  We were all quite ready to leave on Sunday afternoon, despite most of the music I wanted to watch being on that evening.  There’s just something really tiring about not being able to sit down all day (I’m not sure what that is…)

Monday was Chris’s birthday so we went to Bristol Zoo.  This should have been a blog post in itself really but most of the photo’s I took aren’t blog worthy.

This is an Inca Turn.  They were in with the penguins and weren’t shy! Frequently they flew up and perched on the fence we were leaning on.

Male Inca Tern at Bristol Zoo
And lastly, some butterflies, that I failed to get the name of, but they impressed me none the less.  This first one has obviously evolved to look like an owl.  How amazing is that?!



random thursday thoughts…

Hello! It’s nearing the end of the week now and I’m looking forward to a weekend in London, going to watch the preview of the Paper Cinema’s Odyssey at Battersea Arts Centre, exciting!  If you haven’t seen these guys before and you like theatre, animation and live music, then I seriously recommend you book tickets asap as it’s selling out fast!

Hopefully I’ll get a bit of knitting done on the way there, my hat pattern is all written out now but in my sleepiness last night I managed to knit about 16 rounds with the wrong size needles, so I need to frog it back to the ribbing later and start again.  The pattern is going to be a sort of zigzag rib, but I haven’t done enough rows for it to show up yet so you’ll have to wait for a picture! 
So busy, busy it is, and still no time to teach myself how to use my knitting machines!

All this wool arrived on Tuesday though, which should be enough to keep me occupied for a while! It’s the same yarn from in the photo I posted last week, Erika Knights ‘Vintage’ in ‘Drizzle’ – here you can find a list of stockists.

On another note I wanted to share this picture, which I found in Exeter Quay Antiques Centre in the summer.  I’m not sure where it is or when it was taken, but it looks like it was taken at a girls finishing school, they all seem quite intent on their knitting!