Rowan Kid Classic and Jaeger Grace – Yarn Swap Anyone?

Yarn Swap Anyone?

Today I’m so bored of my wool stash, I wondered if anyone fancied a yarn swap!  I haven’t bought any new yarn in ages, and I have the urge to knit something lacy and summery after discovering that I am a winter knitter and I should be more adventurous.

Rowan Kid Classic Rose © Buttons and Beeswax Knitting Blog
Rowan Kid Classic - swap?

I feel like knitting a bolero, or some sort of lightweight shrug (or maybe even a sweater) but everything I have more than one ball of yarn of is aran weight wool or pink, which isn’t really my colour!

Jaeger Grace Yarn Swap © Buttons and Beeswax Knitting Blog
Jaeger Grace - who wants to swap?

I’ve got about 6 balls of each Rowan Kid Classic in Rose, and Jaeger Grace in black going spare if any of you lovely knitter s fancy trading some nice yarn for them?



6 thoughts on “Rowan Kid Classic and Jaeger Grace – Yarn Swap Anyone?

  1. i’m a winter knitter too..
    I love that pink …
    my stash is full of handspun and heavier yarns too, did treat myself to some laceweight at wonderwool but not been brave enough to cast on lace though!!

  2. I have over 800 balls of yarn to swap there is bound to be some yarn you like,and I like the wool you have.I wont feel guilty about swapping yarn as I do about buying yarn lol what us knitters do Trishaxx

    1. Hi Trisha! I’m sort of in debate at the moment as I’ve started to like the colour! I’ll let you know when I’ve made up my mind 🙂

  3. Hi, how would you feel about swapping your Jaegar Grace Black for some Jaegar Mohair Silk ? Lovely pink or green colour.

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