WIP Wednesday: Nameless Lace Bolero

After taking part in Eskimimi’s Knitting and Crochet Blogging Week, I discovered I don’t knit any summer stuff.  So as soon as I’d finished the woolly mittens I was making a couple of weeks ago (photos to follow) I dived into my stash looking for a summery yarn to knit up.

You might recall I was hoping for a yarn swap at the beginning of the month.  That was because I wanted to knit something light for the summer, and I seem to have a house full of wintery yarn! But there are other season right?

Lace Shrug

Nameless Lace Bolero

I’m knitting this bolero for those chilly evenings, when you’re out in a pretty dress but there’s a nip in the air.  I always feel the cold, so even in summer I’ll appreciate the chunkiness of it, but it might be more spring and autumn for some.  The yarn is Erika Knight’s ‘Vintage’ in Wisteria.

I’m rounding off the collar at the moment so it’s longer in the middle, and then I’ll get to work on sewing the sides of the rib together at the top and bottom.  There will be scalloped edging around the arms to finish it all off.

Lace Shrug Pattern

The Stitch Pattern - Unblocked!

This is a fairly basic stitch pattern, but I’m really enjoying making it. It’s a good one for knitting in front of the tv and when you’ve got a few box sets on the go that’s perfect! Currently we’re watching Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire (while waiting for Dexter and Misfits to come back) Any more suggestions are always welcome, though I suppose I should try and see daylight at some point!

I suppose it might be hard to tell without seeing the finished thing and what it looks like on, but this bolero doesn’t have a name yet – so any ideas are welcome!

10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Nameless Lace Bolero

  1. Vicki

    the colour in that bolero is really pretty, it’s a nice summery knit – hopefully you can get other summer knits done too. have a knitty thursday xx

  2. Evelyn

    Boleros are such a great accent to one’s wardrobe. I agree with you – we need to knit more summery things. I love how yours is coming along.

  3. Robin

    Wisteria – I just love the way the word sounds, and it’s a lovely color. I’ve never worn a bolero, I always go for the shawl. I can’t wait to see it finished!

  4. Deco Cat

    Oh I am really enjoying Game of Thrones and can recommend the Tudors and Spartacus was fabulous too! That bolero looks lovely, I really do wish I could knit.

  5. Sandra

    Hi Faye, just popped by to say hello, tried to get tickets for the Paper Cinema this weekend but they were sold out! Hope they have had a good festival, will have to try to catch them another time!! x


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