Coffee Mug Hugs in Simply Knitting

Issue 108 of Simply Knitting will be hitting the shops soon and my cup cosies are front page news! (The little picture next to the number 24)

The idea was to create three mug hugs in varying patterns and colours. I chose Erika Knight’s British Blue Wool, as it comes in the teensiest cutest little 25g balls and every colour is delicious. The cosies range from a fairly simple knit and purl chequered rib pattern to twisty lace and a fun cabled pattern, and each are tapered slightly to fit neatly around your take-away coffee cup.

The blue cabled cosy is actually my favourite but it isn’t so visible in this picture. It’s tricky taking a photo of a glossy page in strip lighting, so here’s a shot of it on my desk..

The cosies were a really quick, fun knit, and it was a nice chance to play with Erika’s squishy 100% Blue Faced Leicester. The only downside is, now I’m craving a cardigan in it!