Swatching Again..

I’ve been off the design wagon (and out of the blogosphere entirely) since before I went on maternity leave, and reformatting and uploading my old patterns here recently got me itching to get going again.

When I’m working out a stitch pattern I always start with a rough chart that gets edited as I go along. The pattern evolves as the swatch gets longer.

I think I am getting there with this one now. It was going to be socks, but the repeat was too large, then I was picturing a hat but now I am thinking shawl edging maybe. It’s a pleasing one to knit.

A few years ago my entire stash was kept in a box in the cupboard under the boiler. One day there was a leak and half the box filled with water before I noticed there was a problem. The colours ran into each other but I couldn’t bring myself to throw all of it away. The best stuff I had to wash, dry and reskein.

This was a skein of Socks Yeah! which ended up with purple splodges all through it, I think it works quite well with this colour way though!

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