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So, some of you might have noticed a few things up with the website recently – sorry about that! I’ve decided to change everything a bit, but I got a bit ahead of myself and as a result everything was down for a couple of days.

So we’re back here now, for the meantime, however things will be changing soon hopefully!

It’s been a busy week for me, what with sorting out the new site, designing a new hat, hanging out at Bath Spa and filing the dreaded tax return.

So here are a few photo’s from the last week…

Erika Knight Vintage Wool

I am loving working with this yarn at the moment! This is Erika Knight’s new ‘Vintage Yarn’, which is 100% pure british wool.  I’m using it on slightly smaller needles than suggested and it is knitting up a treat! Keep an eye out for a hat and cowl pattern coming very soon 🙂

And here are some updates for the 365 days project, which is still going well..

16_01_12 17_01_12 18_01_12 19_01_12 20_01_12 21_01_12 22_01_12 23_01_12 24_01_12












Ooh, and I found this today, which made me laugh out loud! Instructions on washing woolen knits are often described as ‘how you would wash a baby”.  In case you don’t
know, here’s a handy guide!

How to wash a baby

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