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Hello! I just wanted to share some of the images I took from the last few days. This 365 project is proving hard during the week as the area I work is so uninspiring! I have noticed that I am becoming much more aware of things though – this was actually one of the reasons I wanted to do the project – small things like flowers, and trees with nice leaves, repetition and colours.

Foot-tapping to Jazz - The Old Duke, Bristol - 366 Days Photography Project
15th January 2012
Leigh Woods - January - 366 Days Photography Project
14th January 2012
Greville Smyth Park - January - 366 Days Photography Project
13th January 2012
Sunset - Cala Trading Estate - 366 Days Photography Project
12th January 2012
Sainsbury Trollies lined up - 366 Days Photography Project
11th January 2012

The first picture is from yesterday, taken in The Old Duke during a jazz gig. The second is from Saturday and was the result of a lovely afternoon walk in Leigh Woods. The third picture is from a very frosty Friday morning, taken on my way to work. I’m trying to make myself get up earlier so I have time to take photos on the way in, as there are a few interesting stops on the way, and it would make for nicer pictures. The forth picture is from Thursday – it is the building I work in lit up by the sunset – it looks almost attractive! And finally, some trolleys at Sainsburys. I wasn’t feeling too inspired on Wednesday but I’m quite pleased with the result.If you click the photos it will take you to my Flickr, where there is a better description of each.Thanks for looking!

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