So Indecisive…

So I still can’t decide on which lace pattern to use (see previous post) and it’s seriously holding up my knitting process! I’ve been looking at the swatches over and over and not getting a lot done.

On a good note though I’ve created myself a handy excel document, so I can just type in my measurements and gauge to give me the stitch counts I need for all the vital parts of the cardigan. I’m guessing everyone already does this but I’m just behind the game?

Here are few photos from the weekend, there was street art event on in Nelson Street so I got a bit snap happy again.  For the rest of the images take a look at my Flickr.

This last picture is the inflatable Stone Henge which is currently making it’s way around the country. I was a bit too hot to get on and have a go, but having seen friends photos since, I wish I’d got up there just to get some of my own!

Right, I must make a knitting decision now..

2 thoughts on “So Indecisive…

  1. Robin

    I love seeing pictures of your area and the local happenings. It’s like my very own travel adventure! inflatable Stonehenge is pretty cool!
    Today your blog is looking a bit wonky like the formatting is out of sync… I’m using the same computer and browser I always do so I’m not sure what’s up but thought I’d pass the info on!
    Thanks for the pics! Good luck with your decision.

  2. Pumpkin

    Well now that you have been inspired by all of the wonderful art, I’m sure that you will be able to solve this sweater problem in no time! Good luck!


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