Recipe: Nutella Cupcakes

After my post at the weekend, a few of you asked me for the recipe for Nutella cupcakes.  I based this on a chocolate bun recipe that has been handed down in our family – so you are lucky!

Nutella Cupcake Recipe

Pre-heat oven to 325F/162C/ Gas Mark 3


85g/3oz butter
85g/3oz unbleached sugar
1 egg
142g/5oz flour
28g/1oz cocoa
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
0.5 cups/4.2 fl.oz warm water
3 tbsp nutella

For the icing

1 x 200g/7 oz tub of cream cheese
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup Nutella
450g/1lb icing sugar (about 3 3/4 cups), sifted

Cream together butter and sugar.  Mix the nutella with the water until it is smooth and milky.  Make a well in the middle of the butter mixture, and beat in the egg.   Sift in flour, cocoa and bicarbonate of soda and mix together, adding nutella mixture gradually.  You may wish to add a little more water if the mixture is too thick.

Cook in the middle of a pre-heated oven for 25-30 minutes.

While the cupcakes are cooking, mix together the icing sugar, nutella, butter and cream cheese with an electric whisk (or some elbow grease).

Allow cupcakes to cool and then ice and decorate as you wish, voila!

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17 thoughts on “Recipe: Nutella Cupcakes

  1. Hi!

    those look yummy! I’ve never tried Nutella icing before, but
    it looks delicious 🙂
    have a terrific day,
    Duni via EBT

    1. I doubled it and made 21! So around 12 I think, as mine were a bit on the large side 🙂 Let me know how they come out!

  2. Oh my, those look amazing! Although obviously, anything with Nutella in it is automatically yummy. But a family recipe revamp, it has to be above and beyond yummy!

  3. Thanks for sharing your recipe, I’ve bookmarked it for safe keeping. No Nutella in the pantry today, but it’s on the shopping list!

    1. You’re too late! But I know you have a birthday coming up soon.. 😉 xx

  4. Will have to try making these yummy nutella cupcakes they look absolutely delicious. I make my own quick chocolate mouse when I’m in a hurry.Put Nutella in bottom of bowl, pour over cream and whip together. Place in fridge for 15 minutes. You don’t want too much cream to nutella ratio or it won;t be thick and tasty. Yum!

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