Onwards and Upwards

On Friday I officially finished my contract at work, and will be embarking on an exciting journey doing creative things to make a living.  This is going to require a lot of motivation! As a farewell to my colleagues, I made them Nutella cupcakes which we munched on with our coffee’s throughout the day.

Nutella Cupcakes
Nutella Cupcakes

I received this orchid and card (plus a bottle of rum which is now less than half full) as a leaving gift.  It was sad saying goodbye, they are a lovely team, however I am more than excited about what happens next! I will still be writing the blog for Cosy Tea (which I admit has not been updated for a few weeks) however this will be fortnightly now, and it won’t depend on how busy we are in the office as to whether I manage to post or not.

Leaving Card and Orchid

As a celebration of changes, my boyfriend bought me this lovely book from Magma Books in London.

Magma Sketchbook -Fashion

Upon first glance it just looks like another sketchbook, but when you look closely, there are faint guides inside of people, for me to sketch my designs on to.

Magma Fashion Sketchbook

This is particularly useful to me, as I am useless at drawing the human form, thus disabling myself slightly when it comes to designing garments.  I can see in my head what I’m aiming for, but it often gets lost and merges with other ideas.

It was only the second time I opened the book that I realised what was hidden in the back:

Magma Fashion SketchbookA handy guide for taking measuments for men and women, several pages of spec sheets to dedicate to specific customers, care labelling in European, American and Japanese, body measurements (I am always referring to bookmarks online for this) and then some info about fabrics and colours and how to tie various ties, knots and sarongs.

Magma Fashion Sketchbook

Needless to say this book is going to be travelling around with me a fair deal, and I think I owe someone some brownie points! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Onwards and Upwards

  1. Nutella cupcakes?!!! Be still my heart!
    Sounds exciting, a new journey to actually do what you love. This would be a dream of mine too.
    Much luck you.
    That book is great, he’s a keeper!

    1. Thanks! I’ll write the recipe out, though it was a bit hit and miss! If you’re willing to test it out though, that would be sweet! (Quite literally :))

    1. I think I just need to work on my speed now, maybe I’ll actually finish something!

  2. wow what an awesome book – mega brownie points I think! All the best for your new endeavours (or more time to spend on them!)

  3. The sketch book is awesome. I know what you mean about seeing it in your head and loosing something in translation. Can’t wait to hear more of your new ventures. It’s exciting isn’t it?!? Cupcakes = Yum!

  4. I admire your courage for stepping into the arena of self-employment! I hope you have incredible success in your new venture! Also, the sketch book is fantastic! I might need to track one down; I, too, am in need of help when it comes to drawing the human form.

    1. Thanks Michelle! I just need to work on the motivation now. Who thought I would procrastinate when it comes to knitting? But I am finding already that I do! The sketchbook is great, I really recommend it 🙂

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