New Knitting Patterns Up!

2012 is the year of knitting patterns, I have decided.

So to start things off on the right foot, there are two new patterns now available.
The hat is a simple childs beanie that can easily be knocked together in a free afternoon, using just knit and purl stitch in the round with decreases.  The cowl will take a little longer, around 7-10 hours for an experienced knitter, and the lace pattern is good fun to knit.  If you like it, check out the matching hat and fingerless mittens!

Lace Cowl Knitting Pattern

Nordic Lace Cowl

Baby Beanie Hat Knitting Pattern

Elana's Corkscrew Beanie








Please see the knitting patterns link at the top of the page for more patterns, including a couple of free ones!

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