Mission not impossible (but really annoying)

Back in May I started this cardigan, which in hindsight was a stupid time to cast on.  It was the hottest it’s been in years and I took it on holiday to knit on the beach.  Somehow I thought it would be fun to knit with 500g of aran weight pure wool draped over my lap while I sat around in a bikini.

The pattern is Aleph from Twist Collective and aside from the heat, I really enjoyed knitting it. I wasn’t keen on the asymmetrical cable detail on the top and didn’t have enough yarn for pockets, so I charted out the cable and flipped it to work on both sides.

Ta da! But wait..

Somehow I convinced myself that it would fit differently in the winter as I’d be cooler and therefore have skinnier arms.  I think really what was happening was that I was sat knitting in a field with only a tent for shelter from the sun, and the thought of trying on something this wooly for more than five seconds made me want to die a bit.

Still something should have twigged that the sleeves shouldn’t leave an imprint of stitches on your arm when you take it off.   No biggy, I hear you cry.  But this cardigan is bottom up, and the lovely cabled yoke is worked with the sleeves.  It’s been sat in my yarn basket since we got back from holiday while I decide what to do with it.

I just couldn’t work out, when the rest of the cardigan fitted so well, why the sleeves were so tight.  It’s not like I have particularly beefy arms.  And then it clicked.  The sleeves are knitted with larger needles, and I had made a total FAIL by not spotting this.  I’m blaming heat again (and probably holiday beer).

I’ve got two options here, rip back to the armholes and redo the sleeves and the yoke, OR, I could cut them off, rework them and then kitchener stitch them back on.  Neither sounds appealing, so I’m knitting socks and blogging about it instead.

2 thoughts on “Mission not impossible (but really annoying)

  1. Argh! Bigger needles cos they were knit in the round? It looked fine until you showed us up close, then I saw what you meant. Bums.
    I think I’d pretend it never happened and knit socks too …

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