January So Far..

How has your year been so far? I decided I’d take a bit of time out of designing for a couple of weeks and have been finishing the socks I posted last week and knitting a hat for myself.  There will be pictures soon!

I thought for now I’d share what I’ve been up to so far this year, I have decided to do the 365 project again in 2013 which you can follow here, if you are interested.  I won’t be making a habit of posting photos to the blog as I’d like to try and stick to the knitting and making theme, but as a lot of my pictures seem to feature this I’m sure they will creep in now and again!

Day One – A walk around Blaise Castle was a lovely way to welcome the first day of the year.

002/265: Goodbye Christmas
Day Two – Putting away the Christmas decorations.

003/365 Tax Return
Day Three – Doing the dreaded tax return

004/365: Yarnporn
Day Four – Just some yarnporn!

005/365: Giving in to Procrastination
Day Five – Giving in to procrastination and starting my Christmas jigsaw.

006/365: Backgammon
Day Six – A cheeky game of backgammon with my buddy Steph.

007/365: Knit Night
Day Seven – Knit Night

008/365: Le Supermarché
Day Eight – Shopping

009/365: My Bookshelf
Day Nine – My Bookshelf. I was sock knitting today but I liked these colours calling from the other side of the room!

What have you been up to this week? Do you have any exciting plans for January or resolutions for the year ahead?

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