Help wanted with Ravelry FOs

I’ve been doing a bit of Ravelry admin (Radmin?) the last day or two, and I’ve noticed that most of you purchasing my patterns through Ravelry don’t seem to have much of a presence on there.  Why not? It’s interesting as before I started designing I would photograph every project as a little record to the world of my creations.  It looks like everyone is different.

As a consumer I know that when you search for a pattern, its nice to look through what everyone else has made first before you purchase anything.  And also I love seeing photos of what you’ve made with my patterns!

So I’m looking for people who would like to knit an accessory (or two) in return for creating a project page with photos and (honest) notes on how they find the pattern, the yarn and the finished garment.  Just like the one above. It’s crucial that you’re honest as I don’t want this to sound like I’m trying to buy good reviews or anything like that.

I’m going to run this until November 7th 2012 and then review the response.

Interested? Leave a comment with your Ravelry name and I will send you a coupon code 🙂

Oh, and join my Ravelry group!

7 thoughts on “Help wanted with Ravelry FOs

  1. hi there, i would love to knit one of your gorgeous patterns 😀 I am knittingv on Rav xx

  2. I’d be happy to. I always create a projects page for what I’m knitting and would be happy to give your patterns a try. I’m projectstashEL on Rav. Good luck with this!

  3. I read your post about free patterns the other day, and wanted to say that I view free patterns as a great introduction to designers I haven’t knit anything from, yet. I tend to buy patterns from designers only after I’ve worked with one of their free ones. I like knowing what I’m getting into ahead of time. I would love to knit one of your patterns for you. My Rav name is withpointedsticks

  4. But I always set up a project page Look for Tubby Tabby starting on my ravelry projects soon. And I would strongly recommend Babs projects. They are terrific.
    ekolatch on Rav

  5. Well by total coincidence I was going to make the Nordic Lace Set for my friend’s birthday anyway….so hiiiiiiiiii!
    (I want to put that blue silky stuff to use at last)

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