I Designed Some Fair Isle Coffee Cups!

For those of you not in the know, back in July I made a post regarding a design I had knitted that was to be printed on to coffee cups.

And now they are here! There is going to be 50,000 of these babies all over the country (and beyond) so keep your eyes peeled for my handiwork!

How cool are these? And how excited am I? They even have my Buttons and Beeswax label on them so there’s no hiding where they came from 🙂

Buttons and Beeswax Knitted Coffee Cup

If you’re interested in getting some of these in your cafe then ask your local coffee wholesaler first if they are supplying them. If not, then contact the lovely folk at Beyond the Bean who will let you know where you can order some!

Snowflake Coffee Cup

Oh, and I made a new hat design too 🙂

Intarsia Snowflake Coffee Cup


12 thoughts on “I Designed Some Fair Isle Coffee Cups!

  1. Thats fantastic! and congratulations.
    I want but you can’t get them here ….distribution in Europe will have to be next!!!

    keep well

    Amanda 🙂

    1. You might be able to! The company I designed them for are a master wholesaler and ship everywhere, so they might have people out in Spain.. I know they’ve gone to Denmark already 🙂

        1. To be honest I’m not sure as I don’t work at the company, I was just chosen to design the cup. If you email sales@beyondthebean.com and ask if they have a wholesaler who might take them in Spain then they should be able to point you in the right direction 🙂

          If you get some then I want to see pictures of them somewhere sunny!

  2. Oh my goodness! Those are totally awesome! You must be on cloud nine! I can only image all those people EVERYWHERE drinking wonderfully warm drinks from YOUR cups. They look great. Are they everything you hoped they would be?? It’s such an interesting idea and what a great way to get your name out.
    I love the pic of you in your new hat enjoying a drink in a cup you designed – and I bet wearing a sweater you knit.
    Fantastic Job!

  3. Oh wow, that design is beautiful and that is really, really cool that it’s been published on cups! I would be totally thrilled if I saw people walking around with cups designed be me. =) Seriously awesome.

    1. Thank you! And I know! I’m dead excited 🙂 I might have to get people to send me photos of the cups from all over the place to post up here!

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