(for patterns purchased before 17th Jan 2014 – pattern has since been updated)

There was an error in the cast on for the L and XL size.  These should be 108 and 112.

This means the set up rows should be as folls:

Size L only: P1, M1pw, P37, m1pw, P36, M1pw, purl to last st, M1pw, P1. (112 sts)

Size XL only: P1, M1pw, P28, M1pw, P29, M1pw, P29, M1pw, purl to last st, M1pw, P1. (117 sts)

Also for sizes S and M at the end of the set up row the instruction reads “P to last 2 sts, M1pw, P1”  This should read “P to last st, M1pw, P1.”

After the pattern repeat the decrease row for the ribbing should read for sizes L and XL

Size L only: P1, P2tog, P33, P2tog, P34, P2tog, purl to last two sts, P2tog, P1. (108sts)
Size XL only: P1, P2tog, P25, P2tog, P26, P2tog, P26, P2tog, purl to last two sts, P2tog, P1.(112 sts)

On page 4 when it says to repeat rows 2-11, this should be rows 1-10

Also when the short rows are worked, after the first 2 rows, you should work to 3 sts before the wrapped st, not 3 sts before the end of row.


(for patterns purchased before 7th Nov 2012)

To Decrease

Size M only

Rep rows 9-10 once.

Decrease round 1: remove marker, sl next st, place marker on working needle. [sl next 1st onto cable needle and hold at front, k2tog, k1 from cable needle, k1] rep to marker. 84 sts

Autumn Gold

(for patterns purchased before 23th Nov 2014)

For the M/L size (left and right handed versions), the increases after the ribbing should read “[k2 p2] 4 times, k2, m1, [p2, k2] 4 times, p2, m1. rep to marker. 190 sts”

Also for the right handed version it looks like rounds 1 and 3 got mixed up somewhere along the line.  Round 3 should be round 1, and vice versa.  The chart should match.

In the legend for the right handed chart ssk should be k2tog and vice versa.