Dusting off the Sewing Machine

Just a quick post today – to say I finally got out my sewing machine and made these cute little trousers!

Baby Bear Trousers

They aren’t for anyone in particular – they will be part of the collection I’m making for the Art on The Hill trail in October. They were so much fun to make though, I’m looking forward to making a few more pairs!

Baby Bear Trousers

The fabric was from the lovely Saints and Pinners in Devon, and some of you may remember seeing it when I made a post back in June when I received my exciting fabric package. I still haven’t decided what to make with the other material I bought, but I’m thinking about doing some girls tops and dresses.

If you have a sewing blog let me know! Most of the blogs I follow are knitting blogs, however I need the inspiration to keep stitching 🙂

6 thoughts on “Dusting off the Sewing Machine

  1. Oooo they are very cute! I haven’t made any clothes for ages but used to make all my children’s clothes when they were little!

  2. I knew I recognized those cute bears! I don’t know any sewing bloggers either, but I’d be interested in checking them out. I’m always looking for inspiration – and little sewing projects.
    Glad to have you back in the blogosphere! Can’t wait to see what you get up to next.

  3. So very cute, how did I miss that fabric at S&P?
    Jo sent me here, I write a sewing blog but you should also look on Pinterest for sewing inspiration there is so much out there – check out my boards and that is just a fraction as I usually forget to pin stuff I see! Have fun!

    1. Thank you for the links! I have seen danamadeit before, very inspiring, and flossieteacakes looks good too, will have a proper read later. As for the trousers, they are loosely based on an old pattern I found in a charity shop, but I made a few changes to. In the past I have gone and bought second hand trousers the right size and unpicked them, and then used the fabric as a pattern. They take about half a metre, I’m trying to work out a cheaper way to make them as they’re for a stall, and the fabric costs £12 per metre before I’ve started on making them. I think I’ve just got expensive taste in fabric 🙂

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