Dad’s Photography Gloves Pattern Update

Some of you might remember this pattern – it’s the first pattern I wrote! When designing my new layout recently I decided that this one needed a bit of a revamp and definitely needed to be offering more than one size.  It received a lot of positive feedback from Ravelry, but I thought if the size offered didn’t even fit me, then what about all the other knitters out there with smaller (or larger) hands?

To recap:

The idea of the gloves was to provide something for my Dad that started out as one of his jokes. He is a photographer and often found himself out in cold places having to take his gloves on and off to get the perfect shot.

So I created this pattern, eliminating along the way the need to sew up holes around the fingers and thumbs afterwards – a problem I have found with a lot of gloves I have knitted in the past. I hate having to do this and thought there must be a way to do it as you go along. This is now explained in the updated pattern much more clearly.

The pattern is designed so it is simple enough for those of you that have never attempted gloves before. Step by step it talks you through the process to make a very well fitted pair of gloves! With the option of leaving any fingertips free these are suitable for gamers, photographers, or anyone that likes to be able to use their phone easily in the winter.

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2 thoughts on “Dad’s Photography Gloves Pattern Update

  1. I’m sure your updates make this pattern just as lovely to work with as your newer patterns. I’m nearly finished with my Autumn Gold Beanie. And, as promised, will have bunches of photos and a project page to follow!

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