Beshley’s Wool Shop, Bristol

I’ve been trying to find the time to post this for over a week – ever since I found myself slightly over-excited in Bristol’s newest yarn shop – Beshley’s Wool Shop – on it’s opening day, 21st June.

Beshley had the idea to open a yarn shop about 5 weeks prior to opening (I know!), and then says she went shopping for yarn a couple of weeks later.  The shop is well situated in Clifton, off Whiteladies road in Alma Vale Road.

Beshley’s USP is that all the yarn she stocks is British (whoopee!) which is fantastic news for us in Bristol.  The city as a whole is quite eco-conscious, and it’s great to see a new shop supporting the yarns grown, spun and dyed in our Isles. Stockists so far include Erika Knight, Jamieson and Smith, Woolyknit, West Yorkshire Spinners, Artesano, Donegal Yarns, Blacker Yarns and John Arbon Textiles.  I also spotted a few books by Kate Davies on the shelves.

The shop itself looks fab; all the artwork drawn by Beshley’s illustrator boyfriend, including the logo and prints decorating the walls.  The space itself is large, but not stuffed, leaving room to breathe and move around, and the mixture of modern and vintage furniture adds a homely touch.

The yarn you can see here is West Yorkshire Spinners, who process Bluefaced Leicester, Shetland, Wensleydale and Clun Forest yarn. This is on my list to try!

I worked with Erika Knight the last few years and I’m excited that her yarns are now readily available so close to home.  They were all grown, spun and dyed within something like 2o miles of eachother, which makes the whole collection really special.  The British Blue Wool shown above is gorgeous to work with, 100% Blue Faced Leicester, so soft and available in 25g balls.  The idea is that you can grab three of any colour and they will always compliment eachother – it works too!

I’ve yet to try Jamieson and Smith but I’m told that once I do there is really no going back.  Based in Lerwick, they are enhancing the profile of Shetland wool to raise the price paid to local wool producers.

As if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, we found Lily and Boo’s Cupcakery just around the corner! Who could resist?


January So Far..

How has your year been so far? I decided I’d take a bit of time out of designing for a couple of weeks and have been finishing the socks I posted last week and knitting a hat for myself.  There will be pictures soon!

I thought for now I’d share what I’ve been up to so far this year, I have decided to do the 365 project again in 2013 which you can follow here, if you are interested.  I won’t be making a habit of posting photos to the blog as I’d like to try and stick to the knitting and making theme, but as a lot of my pictures seem to feature this I’m sure they will creep in now and again!

Day One – A walk around Blaise Castle was a lovely way to welcome the first day of the year.

002/265: Goodbye Christmas
Day Two – Putting away the Christmas decorations.

003/365 Tax Return
Day Three – Doing the dreaded tax return

004/365: Yarnporn
Day Four – Just some yarnporn!

005/365: Giving in to Procrastination
Day Five – Giving in to procrastination and starting my Christmas jigsaw.

006/365: Backgammon
Day Six – A cheeky game of backgammon with my buddy Steph.

007/365: Knit Night
Day Seven – Knit Night

008/365: Le Supermarché
Day Eight – Shopping

009/365: My Bookshelf
Day Nine – My Bookshelf. I was sock knitting today but I liked these colours calling from the other side of the room!

What have you been up to this week? Do you have any exciting plans for January or resolutions for the year ahead?

ZigZag Hat

Good Morning! I just wanted to say a quick hello and let everyone know that my new hat knitting pattern, ZigZag, is now available! Here are a few pics:

This pattern is really easy, using just knit and purl stitches to create the ZigZag pattern that travels around the hat. The cool thing is that it is reversible, and depending which way around you wear it, the flower on the top can be more or less pronounced.

I created this knitting pattern with Erika Knight’s ‘Vintage Wool’ in shade ‘Drizzle’. This yarn is lovely to knit with, it is aran weight so knits up fast, and it is 100% British. It is available from a variety of stockists.

I wanted to make a pattern that would be interesting, yet suitable for beginners, using just a few stitches.  This simple ZigZag rib is easy to pick up and looks really effective.

Please see the pattern page for more info.

Thanks to Mum for the photos!

Some things..


So, some of you might have noticed a few things up with the website recently – sorry about that! I’ve decided to change everything a bit, but I got a bit ahead of myself and as a result everything was down for a couple of days.

So we’re back here now, for the meantime, however things will be changing soon hopefully!

It’s been a busy week for me, what with sorting out the new site, designing a new hat, hanging out at Bath Spa and filing the dreaded tax return.

So here are a few photo’s from the last week…

Erika Knight Vintage Wool

I am loving working with this yarn at the moment! This is Erika Knight’s new ‘Vintage Yarn’, which is 100% pure british wool.  I’m using it on slightly smaller needles than suggested and it is knitting up a treat! Keep an eye out for a hat and cowl pattern coming very soon 🙂

And here are some updates for the 365 days project, which is still going well..

16_01_12 17_01_12 18_01_12 19_01_12 20_01_12 21_01_12 22_01_12 23_01_12 24_01_12












Ooh, and I found this today, which made me laugh out loud! Instructions on washing woolen knits are often described as ‘how you would wash a baby”.  In case you don’t
know, here’s a handy guide!

How to wash a baby