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A few years ago I used to be really excited about photography. I even went as far as doing a 365 project for 18 months – the first year can be seen here. Recently I’ve noticed however that my photos seem to be rushed – and I’ve given up my camera for my phone. I do like the convenience with this but the photos are never as good, which is why I’m sad I left this post until the last minute. After I had decided what to do, I was left with half an hour and an iPhone, which can’t cope with the strong colours presented here half as well as my trusty Lumix!


This is a WIP I’ve been working on for sometime – I bought the yarn at Ally Pally last October.  The pattern is Saxifrage by Rachel Coopey. I started the sock in November in preparation for my holiday to Sri Lanka.  I thought it would be fun knitting yellow socks in the sunshine, but it turned out it was far too hot for knitting, so this has been sat in a bag ever since.

For this photo I decided to take a different approach than I normally would and look into using some more colour. I raided the Simply Knitting props area on my lunch-break and found these lovely fabrics and tin that complimented the yarn colour so well. It has made me think I ought to put some more effort into my photos, I used to be so particular about them when I started this blog and I feel my standards have dropped somewhat.

It’s fun arranging a shot, even if it is time consuming!

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WIP Wednesday – Autumn Gold Lace Hat

Apologies for my lack of blog posts recently.  I really cannot think where all my time is going, given that I am no longer in the routine of a full time job.  I seem to be spending a lot of time designing and feel a bit out of the loop in blogland.  I haven’t even read any blogs in the last week or so!

Fyberspates 'Rural Charm' Autumn Gold Pattern Swatch
Fyberspates 'Rural Charm' Autumn Gold Pattern Swatch

As some of you will have read a few weeks ago, I went out to Fyberspates to pick up an old loom, and came home with a lovely soft skein of yarn to play with too 🙂

The yarn is ‘Rural Charm’ 4 ply sock yarn, 70% Bluefaced Leicester, 20% Silk and 10% Cashmere. Yes, it is gorgeous! I love how tidy the stitches come out, and it blocks wonderfully.

It took me a while to decide what to make with this lovely yarn – I have not yet ventured into the world of socks (I know it will happen someday) but it seems I am still stuck on hats, you can never have enough! Plus I love the fact that they don’t use up too much yarn, and can be finished pretty quickly.

Fyberspates Autumn Gold Hat - WIP

This one is taking a little longer as I am knitting on 3mm needles, but I’m really looking forward to it being finished. The pattern is a really fun knit!

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Wednesday WIP – Giving an Old Loom New Life

On Monday I was super lucky to be given this loom from the lovely Jeni at Fyberspates.

Harris 4 Shaft Table Loom

After meeting Divaweaver at the Southbank Arts Trail back in May, I’d been inspired to give weaving a go.  So when I saw Jeni’s tweet that she had a loom requiring a new home I knew I had to go and rescue it.

Harris 4 Shaft Table Loom

Now I know nothing about weaving, nor which parts of the loom I need to fix up.  I’m going to start with a bit of dusting and go from there.  I’m not even sure what any of the parts are called, so I joined this Ravelry group in the hope that some of the experts there might be able to give me a nudge in the right direction.

Harris 4 Shaft Table Loom

I think these wires are called the heddles.  They appear to be ok, maybe a little rusty, but I’m hoping they’ll clean up ok.  I also know I need to get a new reed as the one for this machine is missing.  Any advice would be gratefully accepted!

Harris 4 Shaft Table Loom

As luck would have it, this morning I met with another lovely lady called Claire, from Bristol Sewing School, which opened in March about 10 minutes from my house.   I learned that not only will they be running weaving workshops, but knitting machine courses too, hurrah!  So there is hope yet to get even more creative hobbies than I already have.

Harris 4 Shaft Table Loom

I’m not sure if it’s possible to take a trip out to the Fyberspates workshop and not come back with yarn – I know I didn’t manage it.  There are so many pretty colours! I had to restrain myself and just buy the one skein, which I think was pretty good going considering I haven’t bought anything new in at least 6 months.  Unless you include yarn for gifts.

I don’t.

Fyberspates Yarn

I’m not sure what to make with it yet – a lovely pair of yellow socks or a nice lacy fingering weight hat.. I’m not letting myself play until I’ve finished my bolero though!

After the drive back I found there was a street party in full swing near our road, so went down to take some snaps.  I love living somewhere with such a lovely community feel to it!

fraser street street party bristol

Fraser Street Street Party Bristol

Street Party Bristol Balloons


WIP Wednesday: Nameless Lace Bolero

After taking part in Eskimimi’s Knitting and Crochet Blogging Week, I discovered I don’t knit any summer stuff.  So as soon as I’d finished the woolly mittens I was making a couple of weeks ago (photos to follow) I dived into my stash looking for a summery yarn to knit up.

You might recall I was hoping for a yarn swap at the beginning of the month.  That was because I wanted to knit something light for the summer, and I seem to have a house full of wintery yarn! But there are other season right?

Lace Shrug
Nameless Lace Bolero

I’m knitting this bolero for those chilly evenings, when you’re out in a pretty dress but there’s a nip in the air.  I always feel the cold, so even in summer I’ll appreciate the chunkiness of it, but it might be more spring and autumn for some.  The yarn is Erika Knight’s ‘Vintage’ in Wisteria.

I’m rounding off the collar at the moment so it’s longer in the middle, and then I’ll get to work on sewing the sides of the rib together at the top and bottom.  There will be scalloped edging around the arms to finish it all off.

Lace Shrug Pattern
The Stitch Pattern - Unblocked!

This is a fairly basic stitch pattern, but I’m really enjoying making it. It’s a good one for knitting in front of the tv and when you’ve got a few box sets on the go that’s perfect! Currently we’re watching Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire (while waiting for Dexter and Misfits to come back) Any more suggestions are always welcome, though I suppose I should try and see daylight at some point!

I suppose it might be hard to tell without seeing the finished thing and what it looks like on, but this bolero doesn’t have a name yet – so any ideas are welcome!

WIP Wednesday: Forever Ongoing Crochet Blanket

This last week I have been so in the mood to crochet, I have abandoned my knitting bag and picked up these little granny squares.  This yarn was donated to me by my friend Ella, who’s mum had it sat in the attic for years after it had been given to her.  The bag containing it is MASSIVE – and every skein in there is tiny and a different colour. The most I could probably make with any of them is a 25cm square, and as I’m not a fan of technicolour clothing I thought the best thing to make would be a blanket.

As soon as I received this huge bag of yarn, the first thing I did (and you will laugh) is tip the whole lot out on the floor, and arrange everything by colour. It took hours and I still have no idea why I wanted to do that.  I knew it would all go back into the bag, I think I just wanted to see how much I had and if there were any duplicates! Just one of the skeins had a tiny tag on it, with the name of a mill in Yorkshire that I now forget, so I think originally this must have been a bag of samples meant for someone, somewhere.

The grey yarn I have used isn’t from the giant freebie bag of British wool.   It’s Polish – I bought a kilo each of cream (undyed), black and this grey from a stall in Zakopane.  I’m not sure if my friend was suprised or not when I filled his suitcase with the yarn so we could fly it all home, we’d only popped over for the weekend but I couldn’t resist! Sadly when I moved house I had to sell most of it as it was taking over my flat, and it’s pretty itchy so I couldn’t see what I’d make out of it.

So I’ve been making these crochet granny squares – it’s usually my project for when I have no project, so I know this is going to take me (possibly) until I’m a granny myself!  The square pattern is actually from the ‘Granny No Square’ bag pattern in The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller.

I’m not the best nor the fastest at crochet, and as I’ve been having huge breaks in between, I keep forgetting the pattern and having to refer back to it. I’m pretty sure some squares are a bit bigger than others too, but hopefully the more I make, the less this will happen!