I am Officially a Winter Knitter

It’s official, I am a winter knitter.  I like to think that I knit the whole year round, but I can’t help myself, as soon as the sun comes out, I switch to sewing and my yarn stays tucked away in a bag until the nights grow dark and the air turns frosty.

That said, last year, I started designing patterns.  Winter, as usual, was easy (though friends and family received less in woollen gifts this Christmas. )  I seem to have fallen into a trap of making things that match each other, rather than letting things flow a bit and see what comes out.

Many Hats

Looking back at the projects I have on Ravelry, it’s all knitwear intended for winter. I have a lot of hats. Can you have too many hats? Probably, yes.

I’ve got five jumpers on Ravelry and two on the needles.  I’m longing to get that one done, but I was writing the pattern as I went and foolishly didn’t make a note of the needle size. Five isn’t many, but I know I’m not in need of another jumper just yet.  They are great fun to make, but recently I don’t feel like I’m knitting for myself and plus, they are costly, if you have expensive taste in yarn (and I definitely do.)

I used to be quite good at making presents for new babies – a few of the lucky ones got a bear or an outfit of some sort, and the intention was to make them something every year, but then suddenly there were a lot of them and I couldn’t keep up!

Charlie's Hoodie
Tommy's Booties

Looking at all these things, I realise I should probably broaden my horizons a bit. I love knitting lace, but I wouldn’t make a shawl or scarf in it because I wouldn’t wear it – I’m clumsy and it would snag on things and get ruined. Maybe I’ll make a challenge for myself to create something this summer that isn’t for winter!

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