Beach Knitting, Hats and Cornish Alpaca

I’m sorry – I seem to have developed such a thing for Instagram recently that I’ve abandoned all of my bloggy friends! And as truth would have it, since my last post, I’ve created two new hat designs, which should be up here very soon!

So what’s been happening?  Lets see.. We went camping in Cornwall and I used the time to do a lot of knitting! And I met this guy on the campsite, how lovely is he?

He was so friendly, came right up to the fence to say hello and was curious about my camera 🙂  I would love to have alpaca someday!

This is my new hat design in progress, it’s named after the beach I was sat on, Constantine – in Cornwall.  I rather like the idea of naming my designs after British beaches – I end up knitting on so many of them!

Hmm, it wasn’t really working as I’d hoped..

So this is Agnes, below, (named after St Agnes, near Newquay – however I haven’t actually been there yet).  This design will be officially released in a week or so when I’ve got some better photos of it and the pattern has got past the testing stage.  It was such fun making the pompom – I haven’t made one since I was at school!

Like my new specs?

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