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Come on, think.. There must be something you can write. You don’t feel inspired to write from the perspective of your knitting needles?  Why not? You’ve been out at a really inspirational evening, looking at loads of beautiful, colourful photographs, and all you’re doing is staring into space, drawing a blank.  

Why don’t you write about me? You use me every day in the office and when you’re designing, and you curse me when I don’t get it straight away. You talk to me like I’m a child sometimes.  Sometimes it would just be nice if you had a bit more patience. Give me some credit.  I’m a tool!


I can’t write about you. Can I? I think it means a physical tool, something you actually create your carve your work out with, so to speak, not something you use to work it out with. I can’t write a conversation with my brain. That’s just silly.  This makes me cringe.

I think it’s quite acceptable really. I mean, I’m the one that leaps to all those mathematical conclusions when you’re stuck. The needles and the yarn would be lost without me, unless you want to go back to just following other people’s patterns the whole time. You wanted more than that though, remember? You wanted a challenge, and I help you with that. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t be where you are today. Those patterns in the sidebar wouldn’t exist for starters, and you’d probably still be working in a shop.

Ok you’re right. We have made some pretty cool stuff. I run the risk of sounding schizophrenic, though.  What about all the readers that have never been before, or don’t know about Knitting and Crochet Blog week? They’ll think I’m bonkers, having this debate with you so publicly here for all to see.

Do you think they’d think any differently if you were talking to your needles? Just inform them that the topic for day 4 is “to write from the point of view of one of the tools for your craft” and they’ll understand, I’m sure. People can’t judge you if they don’t understand.

Ok. I really want to go and get on with that blanket. And I’m not sure if this is written from your perspective or mine, the body, now. It’s late and I’m confused! You’ve been useful today, so I’ll give in. And you have helped me create some designs I’m really pleased with.  Just don’t be upset about these photos, ok?


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4 thoughts on “5kcbwday4 | Conversations Between Workers

  1. Probably the most important and motivational tool there is, except maybe for bubblebaths. Bubblebaths are pretty motivational.

  2. Also, I can kill you with my brain. 🙂

    (Um, that’s from Firefly, okay. I didn’t just threaten to kill a perfect stranger on the interwebz.)

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