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A few years ago I used to be really excited about photography. I even went as far as doing a 365 project for 18 months – the first year can be seen here. Recently I’ve noticed however that my photos seem to be rushed – and I’ve given up my camera for my phone. I do like the convenience with this but the photos are never as good, which is why I’m sad I left this post until the last minute. After I had decided what to do, I was left with half an hour and an iPhone, which can’t cope with the strong colours presented here half as well as my trusty Lumix!


This is a WIP I’ve been working on for sometime – I bought the yarn at Ally Pally last October.  The pattern is Saxifrage by Rachel Coopey. I started the sock in November in preparation for my holiday to Sri Lanka.  I thought it would be fun knitting yellow socks in the sunshine, but it turned out it was far too hot for knitting, so this has been sat in a bag ever since.

For this photo I decided to take a different approach than I normally would and look into using some more colour. I raided the Simply Knitting props area on my lunch-break and found these lovely fabrics and tin that complimented the yarn colour so well. It has made me think I ought to put some more effort into my photos, I used to be so particular about them when I started this blog and I feel my standards have dropped somewhat.

It’s fun arranging a shot, even if it is time consuming!

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11 thoughts on “5kcbwday3 | Photography

  1. So well balanced! I love the riot of color — especially the saffron sock — just because it was done quickly doesn’t mean it’s not quality. 🙂

  2. Zing! I would have been most reluctant to show that sock against such a busy background (I’m very conservative) but it really works – I wish I had a creative eye. Great colours. Lovely shot.

    1. Thank you! I’m so pleased to have got back into these, they’re so sunny, I don’t think I could ever feel sad with yellow socks on my feet! 🙂

    1. Thanks, I’m pleased with how it came out. I’ll definitely be raiding the props more often, it was fun matching and contrasting colours and playing about with the angles 🙂

  3. Taking photos can be such a faff – I’ve resolved to improve my photography, but the temptation to snap and go (or fall back on the phone!) is always there.

    1. Tell me about it! Even since this post I’ve still not moved my camera from the table into my bag, my phone sadly seems to be the ‘go to’ camera of choice recently, I need to make more effort!

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