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Free Knitted Bunting Pattern!

If you’ve been following my blog and Instagram lately you might have seen a few pictures of my free knitted bunting pattern! This was a design for Simply Knitting and The Knitter, which we used in workshops over the weekend at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia.

Photo by Jesse Wild

A few of you have asked if the pattern is available, and I am happy to say that yes, it is! You can now download the pattern for free here and from the Simply Knitting website.

I went along to the show on Thursday and was on hand to help anyone who felt like joining in. We provided a nice space for new and experienced knitters to put their feet up and click their needles for a bit, and in the process met some lovely people. The free workshops ran from 11-3.15, Thursday to Sunday, and each of us on the team took part in a day at the show, showing newbies the ropes and chatting with some of the more speedy folk.

Photos by Jesse Wild

I’d have loved to have stayed longer to have a look around, and even check out Somerset House’s “Wool House” if I hadn’t been booked in a taxi home, but alas that shall have to wait! There are so many things to see and do in London..

All in all it was a successful weekend and we all had a great time – hopefully those of you that joined in enjoyed it too!


Click here for all my published and downloadable patterns

Location Location Location…

Gosh how did we get to March already? I really had intended to blog more often than I have been this year, and considering all the exciting things that have been going on it’s not like I’m short of content.

Last week I went on my first location shoot for The Knitter.  Exciting!

It was set in an amazing place in Bristol that gave me quite severe house envy.  Although if I’m honest, I’d mess this place up quite quickly and it wouldn’t look quite the same.  It would have yarn coming out of every crevice for starters.

As this was my first shoot, most of the day was spent watching how things were done and helping to get garments ready to be photographed, although in future I will have some direction in the way things are presented.  So I sewed some buttons onto a cardigan and did some little knit touch-up jobs.  The best thing was, it was actually warm enough to sit and do this outside! Someone even offered suncream.

I began taking lots of photos of what was going on, thinking it would make a great blog post, but then it dawned on me that I can’t really share them as the patterns are obviously secret. So I am posting these behind the scenes shots instead to give an idea of the feel of the day.

This photo isn’t all that exciting, however the sofa was the most gorgeous thing ever,  beautifully covered in wool and made me wish I could do upholstery, or just pay someone something to own such a thing.  Maybe I’ll add it to my Pinterest wishlist – I’m trying to make it like a vision board to try and attract those things into my life – you never know!

Being a bit of a photography geek anyway, this day was right up my street.  In the past I have worked with photographers as a studio assistant and photo editor, so I like to think I’ve got an eye for it. Note these photos aren’t the best example of that!

It was a little odd to be there and not be the one holding the reflectors and setting up lights, but it was nice to understand that side of things and see it all happening from a different perspective.

Our model Caitlin was beautiful and completely lovely, and the whole team were really great to spend the day with.

This is my finished bunting all set up ready for our photographer Jesse to get a professional shot of it. I’m really pleased I get to keep it! So it will be hanging around my desk as of next week 🙂

We will be doing workshops at the Spring Knitting and Stitching show at London Olympia on on the 14-17th March teaching people how to make this and some crochet flowers.  I will be there on Thursday, so if you’re there come and say hello!

In other news I am now a bit more active on Instagram, and Flickr, having finally got myself a phone with a decent camera.  So if I’m not here, follow me there for a quick visual knitty/crafty diary.