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Some Knit-tastic Machinery..

Finally I got around to playing with my knitting machines!

It was my new years resolution to get my head around my knitting machines, which have been sat under my bed for about two years.  I bought them from the PDSA shop with the intention of making myself tons of new clothes, and some stuff to sell on Etsy.  TMy problem was, I bought two – a Brother KH260 and a KH965.  It turned out that I thought the 965 was FAR more exciting, as it’s electronic and knits fair isle, so I tried to run before I could walk and started trying to knit pictures from day one. Whoops! So when the stitches came off the needles, I got frustrated and packed it away, intending to learn properly someday.

The KH965 in action

Last week my friend Jen from our weekly Stitch n’ Bitch came over to help me master the beast.  Firstly we got the 260 working and made a small swatch in stocking stitch, before getting excited by the possiblities of the 965 again.  Thinking it might be a wiser decision to practice using one colour, rather than going straight to two again, we thought we’d give this tuck stitch pattern a go:

Our little swatch!

That managed to take us all of about 2 hours to master, despite the manual being really well written! It was nice to kick start my motivation to get to know these machines though. I’m intending to do the Brother Home Study Course on the KH260 to learn how to use the latch tool properly and make it my friend! (Currently I just think it’s easier to hand knit, but I think it would be a nice extra skill to have..)

If anyone has any other links that might be useful for a beginner, throw them my way! 🙂


ZigZag Hat

Good Morning! I just wanted to say a quick hello and let everyone know that my new hat knitting pattern, ZigZag, is now available! Here are a few pics:

This pattern is really easy, using just knit and purl stitches to create the ZigZag pattern that travels around the hat. The cool thing is that it is reversible, and depending which way around you wear it, the flower on the top can be more or less pronounced.

I created this knitting pattern with Erika Knight’s ‘Vintage Wool’ in shade ‘Drizzle’. This yarn is lovely to knit with, it is aran weight so knits up fast, and it is 100% British. It is available from a variety of stockists.

I wanted to make a pattern that would be interesting, yet suitable for beginners, using just a few stitches.  This simple ZigZag rib is easy to pick up and looks really effective.

Please see the pattern page for more info.

Thanks to Mum for the photos!

A few things I am liking…

Happy Valentines Day! Today I woke up to find this lovely card and flowers waiting for me 🙂

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time on Pinterest recently, it’s addictive isn’t it! I’ve come across loads of inspiring things on there, and a lot of stuff I just want to have!

I love these Birch knitting needles from The Spinners Emporium.  It’s hard to find knitting needles that are a bit different – I love the thread spools on the ends.

Thread Spool Knitting Needles from TheSpinnersEmporium

I keep thinking about yarn bowls recently. I’ve been looking at a lot of pictures and this one is definately my favourite but it’s already sold! This one is from nealpottery over in Ohio.

Yarn Bowl by Neal Pottery

I also found this fold out circular needle envelope on Folksy, made by The Undercover Owl. It’s a simple design and there are a lot of choices of fabric, but I think this will be my favourite when I finally get around to buying myself a set of knitpicks interchangable needles!

Fold Out Needle Envelope from The Undercover Owl

Hope you’re all having a lovely day!

Join the Tea Cosy Craze!

As some of you are aware, I also regularly write for a blog for Cosy Tea. Once a week I feature free knitting patterns for tea cosies which I have found online or patterns that are sent to me.

'Button Up Your Cup' - Simply Notable

Since I started writing for Cosy Tea back in October, I have gathered quite a few free knitting patterns for Tea cosies and mug cosies. The pattern page is starting to pack out a bit now and is looking good, so I thought I’d share a few here and direct you over there to take a look!

Garden Party Tea Cosy - Loani Prior

You can find links to these gorgeous knitting patterns, and stacks more free ones over at Cosy Tea’s Blog. Don’t forget to check out the tea too!

Grannies Traditional Teacosy - Keren Smith

Thank you to Loani Prior, Keren Smith and Simply Notable for use of photos 🙂

What a lovely weekend!

Well that was fun! This weekend was spent in London, visiting friends, knitting and watching the Paper Cinema.  The Odyssey is AMAZING and is on until the 25th Feb and is selling out really fast, so I would book up now if I were you, you won’t be disappointed!

Ducks dancing on the pond at Clapham Common!

Southbank in the snow

Yesterday we went for a walk along the snowy Southbank, and went to the Tate Modern as it had been years since either of us had paid a visit.  The photo below was taken in the Turbine hall where Tacita Dean is exhibiting her 11 minute silent 35mm ‘FILM’

Tacita Dean's 'FILM'

On another note, I finished knitting up my new hat design! I haven’t blocked it yet so there are no photos, however they will be coming very shortly!  I’m still in knit mode today, so I cast on for a matching cowl as soon as I got the chance this evening 🙂

random thursday thoughts…

Hello! It’s nearing the end of the week now and I’m looking forward to a weekend in London, going to watch the preview of the Paper Cinema’s Odyssey at Battersea Arts Centre, exciting!  If you haven’t seen these guys before and you like theatre, animation and live music, then I seriously recommend you book tickets asap as it’s selling out fast!

Hopefully I’ll get a bit of knitting done on the way there, my hat pattern is all written out now but in my sleepiness last night I managed to knit about 16 rounds with the wrong size needles, so I need to frog it back to the ribbing later and start again.  The pattern is going to be a sort of zigzag rib, but I haven’t done enough rows for it to show up yet so you’ll have to wait for a picture! 
So busy, busy it is, and still no time to teach myself how to use my knitting machines!

All this wool arrived on Tuesday though, which should be enough to keep me occupied for a while! It’s the same yarn from in the photo I posted last week, Erika Knights ‘Vintage’ in ‘Drizzle’ – here you can find a list of stockists.

On another note I wanted to share this picture, which I found in Exeter Quay Antiques Centre in the summer.  I’m not sure where it is or when it was taken, but it looks like it was taken at a girls finishing school, they all seem quite intent on their knitting!