Oh I do Like to Knit Beside the Seaside!

This week will be mostly spent knitting on the beach, perfect! We’ve handed our house over to our trust friend Nic for the week while we get some rays in Cornwall. And I don’t want to jinx anything but so far the weather is like summer!


This is the first post I’ve made by phone – we have no Internet in our little slate cottage, so while Chris is spending time in the surf I have been knitting, taking photos and exploring some lovely beaches!


This is the third beach I’ve sat on this week, watching life go by, dogs chasing frisbees and the tide come in. I’ve been knitting a lot, however I can’t show you any pictures as it’s for a gift and I know the recipient will be reading (hi mum!)


It’s been really lovely having a proper taste of summer! We managed to time our trip with the clocks going forward, so not only has the weather warmed us up but it’s now light til 8, finally :)


We had our first BBQ of the year on Monday – some local mackerel caught in the morning, potatoes we cooked in foil on the coals and some veggies. The bottle of wine we bought from the pub was so awful we made some sangria out of it, which washed the lot down a treat!


So I don’t really have so much to say today, I just thought I’d share these pictures. Knitting photos to follow soon!


Have a great week!

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12 Responses to Oh I do Like to Knit Beside the Seaside!

  1. Aubrey says:

    Ohhh! I’m turning green with envy. Looks like fun :)

    • buttons and beeswax says:

      Sorry about that! It was great fun and a much needed break by the sea, I’m sad to be back in the office now!

  2. KathyTNY says:

    I am enjoying your photos very much. What a lovely place. You better be getting a lot of knitting done! lol Have a wonderful time!

    • buttons and beeswax says:

      Thanks! I got a whole hat and muffler made, but gave them away before I could take pictures! I’ll have to get them next time I see my mum :)

  3. Truly Myrtle says:

    Looks heavenly – hope the weather stays good for you – it’s turned a wee bit cooler now hasn’t it?!
    Kids are on holiday for a couple of weeks, so good weather is essential!
    Love the look of that Mackerel – freshly caught – delicious.
    Have a great time X

    • buttons and beeswax says:

      Thank you! It was lovely, we had a very fishy week! Enjoy the holidays with the kids :)

  4. Stefanie says:

    I have given you a blogging award! Come check out the details at my blog: http://tecrin.blogspot.com/2012/04/i-received-blogging-award.html

    • buttons and beeswax says:

      Oh wow, thank you! I’ve never had a blog award before :) And I love your blog too! Now to think of things that people want to hear about me… and to choose who to give it to next!

  5. I’ve often thought about knitting on the beach, but I’m afraid the sand will get into everything (as it tends to do). How do you prevent that?

    • buttons and beeswax says:

      Erm… I don’t! I tend to keep the yarn in a bag, but sand always gets in, but I figure if I were to wear whatever I’m making to the beach it’s gonna get sandy anyway :)

  6. Anita says:

    Jealous! Your photos are lovely and it sounds like a wonderful time!

    • buttons and beeswax says:

      Thank you! It was wonderful, but sadly didn’t last long enough.. if only we could knit on the beach all the time!

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