Mini Etsy Treasury – Trees!

Mini Etsy Treasury – Trees!

I’d like to try and make Etsy Treasuries and favourites a regular thing on here, it felt good last time giving a thumbs up to the sellers I’d featured! Today there is a bit of a tree theme going on.  Please click on the photo’s to be sent through to the sellers Etsy page.

sageANDindie tree pendant - etsy favourite  lazydoll heart tree purse - etsy favouriteJewelleryByZM tree pendant - etsy favouriteminimonos screen printed tree pillow - etsy favouriteLeafyDesign tree brance scarf - etsy favouriteWoodlandGifts tree print heart shaped buttons - etsy favourite









1. Tree of Life Wire Sculpture Encased Picture Jasper Stone Necklace from sageANDindie

2. Heart Tree Embroidery Purse from lazydoll

3. Tree of Life Sterling Silver Necklace from JewelleryByZM

4. Tree Branches Silk Screened Pillow from minimonos

5.  Tree Branch Scarf from LeafyDesign

6.  Set of 10 Mixed Tree Patterned Heart Buttons (ON SALE!)  WoodlandGifts


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4 Responses to Mini Etsy Treasury – Trees!

  1. Those are amazing finds. The wire sculpture is phenomenal. Love the change purse, too.

    Etsy Blog Team

  2. Signe says:

    Wonderful mini treasury!
    Thank you for the feature!

  3. knittynutter says:

    great treasury, my favourite is the silver leaf,.. may need to go put it on my christmas list…

  4. Bo says:

    Love it! thank you so much!

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