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5kcbwday2 Dating Profile


Today’s topic for Knitting and Crochet Blog week is to create a dating profile for one of your projects.  Meet Barney, a lonely teddy bear, seeking a fellow bear to hang out in the yarn basket with.


Hi! I’m Barney, a small, stripy bear, and I’m seeking a teddy bear (no yarn preference) for fun times and stash diving. I have a good sense of humour, am well stuffed, enjoy cuddles, stripes, hanging out in the yarn basket, long train journeys, camping, and wrapping myself in a massive duvet.  I’m not so keen on hot water, washing machines or dogs.

I was created in Brighton about 6 years ago using Regia sock yarn. Sock yarn always makes a happy bear, it turns out, as we are bright, colourful and distinctive. There were a few of us in the beginning, but over the years we have all found friendship with tiny human beings and have lost touch with eachother.

I’m looking for another bear as sometimes I can get a bit lonely, now my human is older and interested in other toys. It would be nice to have a fellow bear to play with when he is asleep or no longer free to cuddle me. 

The pattern used to knit me is a free vintage teddy bear pattern from Weldon’s, that my knitter found on a website a long time ago.  The original blog it was on is no longer working, so if you would like to knit me a friend you can download my pattern here for free!

I look forward to seeing all the other potential bear friends!


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Knitted Bunting Pattern on Hobbycraft

free knitted bunting patternI wrote this free knitted bunting pattern last year for Simply Knitting and The Knitter, and we took it to Olympia for a workshop at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show.  The idea was to make a simple bunting pattern for beginners, to teach the basics (garter stitch, increasing, decreasing and eyelets) and give them something to take home and work on.

free knitted bunting tutorial pattern

 free knitted bunting tutorial pattern

Knitted bunting seems to be pretty popular at the moment, it’s cute and is a great party decoration.  I lent my set (pictured) to a friend for her wedding, and it now resides in our office.

So I was quite pleased this week to see that the pattern is currently available through the Hobbycraft blog, which is full of fun and inspiring projects to get your juices flowing, such as card making, scrap booking, crochet, wedding bouquets and home decoration.

So if you’re getting itchy to do something creative, this is a good place to start!

Free Knitted Bunting Pattern!

If you’ve been following my blog and Instagram lately you might have seen a few pictures of my free knitted bunting pattern! This was a design for Simply Knitting and The Knitter, which we used in workshops over the weekend at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia.

Photo by Jesse Wild

A few of you have asked if the pattern is available, and I am happy to say that yes, it is! You can now download the pattern for free here and from the Simply Knitting website.

I went along to the show on Thursday and was on hand to help anyone who felt like joining in. We provided a nice space for new and experienced knitters to put their feet up and click their needles for a bit, and in the process met some lovely people. The free workshops ran from 11-3.15, Thursday to Sunday, and each of us on the team took part in a day at the show, showing newbies the ropes and chatting with some of the more speedy folk.

Photos by Jesse Wild

I’d have loved to have stayed longer to have a look around, and even check out Somerset House’s “Wool House” if I hadn’t been booked in a taxi home, but alas that shall have to wait! There are so many things to see and do in London..

All in all it was a successful weekend and we all had a great time – hopefully those of you that joined in enjoyed it too!


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My Thoughts on Free Knitting Patterns..

According to my stats, recently it seems that a lot of people are visiting here looking for free knitting patterns.  Ok there are a couple in my pattern library if that is why you are here – feel free to go straight there if you don’t want to read on.

I’m starting to wonder how I feel about these free patterns being on my website, and how it reflects on me as a designer.  Granted, if you are looking to buy a knitting pattern from me, then the free ones will show you what my layout is like, and maybe give you a better idea of what you are going to get.  However the two free patterns I am offering are very basic, hence the reason I decided not to charge for them.

From what I have grown to understand, there are two kinds of knitters.  The ones that won’t pay for a pattern, no matter how small the price, and the ones that are quite happy to support designers and will pay for a knitting pattern.

When I first started knitting I got through a lot of free patterns learning the basics.  But it’s only since I began designing and trying to make a living from it that I realised exactly how much work goes into making a pattern from scratch.  My designs so far are only small, however they will usually take me a good few days to write, knit, frog, tweak and perfect the pattern before I even start to make the first draft.  I take all the photos myself and design all the layouts.  Until I am able to get yarn support from more avenues, I also have to factor in the cost of yarn, and also the expenses involved in having someone else check everything is going to add up.

I haven’t started advertising yet, however it is on the cards for the new year.  It’s only after I realised how much time I would be spending on this business that I was able to put a price on how much a pattern should cost.  It seems that there are a lot of people out there who just want something for free, and it’s only when you try and help them understand why it isn’t that it might start to make sense to them.  Maybe.

It’s not just about knitting.  This isn’t just a hobby that I’m quite happy to do in front of the TV.  I left my full-time job to do this and I wouldn’t have it any other way – I can honestly say I enjoy every single aspect of it! (Except maybe the self promotion face-to-face – it’s far easier on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc)

There will always be designers out there offering lovely patterns for nothing or at a very little cost, and the problem that I see with this is that it seems to belittle the perceived worth of knitting patterns to some people.  It’s the same with knitted garments – I am often asked how much I would charge for a hat or a cardigan, for example, and people are surprised when I explain that it’s going to cost a lot more than going to Topshop.

For others of you that design – what are your thoughts on providing free patterns? Do you find they help with your traffic or just bring the wrong sort of people to your website?

Join the Tea Cosy Craze!

As some of you are aware, I also regularly write for a blog for Cosy Tea. Once a week I feature free knitting patterns for tea cosies which I have found online or patterns that are sent to me.

'Button Up Your Cup' - Simply Notable

Since I started writing for Cosy Tea back in October, I have gathered quite a few free knitting patterns for Tea cosies and mug cosies. The pattern page is starting to pack out a bit now and is looking good, so I thought I’d share a few here and direct you over there to take a look!

Garden Party Tea Cosy - Loani Prior

You can find links to these gorgeous knitting patterns, and stacks more free ones over at Cosy Tea’s Blog. Don’t forget to check out the tea too!

Grannies Traditional Teacosy - Keren Smith

Thank you to Loani Prior, Keren Smith and Simply Notable for use of photos 🙂

Free Pattern: Venice

It snowed a bit here in Bristol today.. not a lot, but enough to make me feel chilly! It was a reminder that I’ve been meaning to type up the knitting pattern for this hat for a while, and I’m feeling generous, so I thought I’d give it away! 🙂

It’s a beanie I knitted for my boyfriend last year, just before we went to Venice. Although in the photo it looks warm, it was freezing! We were prepared and took plenty of wool to survive (this is not hard for me), and this hat stayed on Chris’ head permanently the whole time we were there.

This is a simple hat that can be knitted up in a couple of hours, and will suit men and women.

I made this hat with Rowan Drift, which is 100% Merino wool and it’s super cosy! Using 10mm knitting needles to keep the stitches snug, it fits us both a treat. I have been know to steal it sometimes 😉

Have a look on the patterns tab for other free goodies!

Venice – Free Chunky Hat Pattern