And We’re Up!

This weekend I’ve been beavering away at this website, trying to get it all up and running smoothly before the working week starts.  I’ve sorted out the knitting patterns tab, which makes things a little easier to browse and look through the patterns – there will be lots of additions this year, my mind is brimming with ideas!

Below are a few photos I want to post from the 365 days project (which reminds me, I haven’t taken one yet today!)  I’ve also created a tab for this, as I’ve noticed I seem to be saturating the blog with photos when really I want to talk about knitting, sewing and craft stuff!

28th January 2012
Von Bartha at The Cooler - 366 Days Photography Project
27th January 2012 - Von Bartha at The Cooler
26th January 2012
25th January 2012


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