366 Photography Project Update

366 Photography Project Update

I just wanted to say a quick hello and say I haven’t given up on the 366 photography project yet!   If you don’t know what I’m on about then click on the 366 Project Page at the top of the screen, which is filling up nicely! I must update more often.

A lot of the photographs recently have been indoors, the weather in Bristol has been miserable out and I’ve felt uninspired.  Although seeing them all together I’m actually quite pleased with the results!

chilli and herb garden © Buttons and Beeswax Knitting Blog
On Monday we went out and bought some bits to make a herb garden to cheer ourselves up a bit.  But the basil is really unhappy! This photo was taken shortly after planting, but by Tuesday night it was withered and sad.  Could it be too cold perhaps? I’ve never been the most green-fingered of people.

Greville Smyth Park, Bristol © Buttons and Beeswax Knitting Blog
Today’s photo was going to be of my WIP – a lace shrug knitted in aran to keep off that May chill that’s still in the air here.  It’ll be finished within a few days at this rate hopefully – however I’ve spent so long since I got back from work playing with the all the photos I have uploaded to the 366 Project Page, it’s now too dark to take one.

Trees in May © Buttons and Beeswax Knitting Blog
So instead I have posted couple of photos from today – May in Bristol – still raining, though the trees we look down on from our kitchen window are green and lush.

I am also logging my 366 project photos on my Flickr photography page, so add me as a contact to follow me!

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13 Responses to 366 Photography Project Update

  1. knittynutter says:

    lovely pictures, is that cabot tower?
    still raining !!

  2. buttons and beeswax says:

    It’s getting a bit depressing now! It’s actually Greville Smyth park, looks similar though in that photo!

  3. Aubrey says:

    Oh it’s so green over there! Perhaps your basil needs more light? Too much water?? It’s hard to tell. Is it turning yellow? The photos are lovely.

    • buttons and beeswax says:

      It’s very green isn’t it! I think the basil has enough light, unless it needs to be in direct sunlight? My other half thinks it might be something to do with not teasing the roots when we planted it, after we took it out of it’s pot. We’ll see.. we managed to eat 4 of the leaves!

  4. Melissa says:

    Your pictures look lovely. I’m sorry your having such a raining month, you can tell the rain it needs to head where I live, it just lightly misted here today for a very short time.

    • buttons and beeswax says:

      thank you for the photo compliment. Our rain has gone now! Has it come your way yet?

  5. affiknity says:

    Love, love your second photo. I wish I was sitting on that bench right now, amidst all the greenery. Basil has always been a hit or miss for me. I am onto my 5th sapling now. I am sure you know this, we Indians grow basil for religious purpose.

    • buttons and beeswax says:

      Thanks! That’s good to know about the basil. I’ve never tried to grow herbs before, so this is a learning curve! I’ll keep at it though, it’s so tasty! :)

  6. Nadia says:

    I love how green the outside pathway is. I could go walking along there everyday (if I lived there, lol.) As for the herb garden, I’m holding off a bit longer. I don’t want my basil to die, since it’s one of my favourite herbs. Hopefully your herbs will perk up soon. Sometimes it takes them awhile to adjust to the climate in your home from the climate in a garden centre.

    • buttons and beeswax says:

      Thanks for the tip! I’m hoping it’ll come back – I wonder if it would have been better to grow from a seed than buy a plant that was already quite happy! The others seem ok though – and we’ve got cress coming up now, yay! :)

  7. great pictures – its still raining in Cambridgeshire too. Sooooo sick of it

  8. Amanda Smith says:

    Thank you for following my blog. I’m following yours too now :-)
    I’m sorry I’m not sure if I’ve left a comment or not before,should have though!

    I used to live in Bristol a few light years ago I went with one of my first dates to the skating rink!! there you are you see all these photos bring back memories and also the knitting machine…my mother used to work all hours on hers.
    Gosh! I do miss the English green and the spring flowers tch!

    Amanda :-)

    • buttons and beeswax says:

      Ha ha, I went on a date there too, many moons ago! The english green is gorgeous, I have to say, but I think I would rather be living in Spain ;-)

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