Monthly Archives: August 2014

A belated update

I’ve disappeared recently, and sort of enjoyed it.  The last couple of months have been fairly busy in and out of work, and the weather has been nice, so I became anonymous for a while and chose not to worry about it.  I’ve made a conscious effort not to use social media so much, which is far less effort than I thought and quite refreshing!

As a consequence, I realised I never posted about these socks, which appeared in The Knitter issue 73. (It’s still available as a digital download here).  I love these, the yarn, the pattern, and how the photos came out.  There’s another pic somewhere of them being worn with brogues but I can’t find it.  The pattern is a fun repeat which is easily memorised, and I worked them in Eden Cottage Tempo in ‘Ice’, which I’ve sort of fallen in love with.

TKN73.socks.ps14568TKN73.socks.ps14583 Portmerion Socks from The Knitter 73

In July I made a fleeting trip to Unwind Brighton with my colleague Becca, where we squidged a lot of yarn in the name of work and spent a fair bit on woolly yumminess. Brighton is an ex-hometown of mine so I was pleased to be back, and managed to catch up with some old friends while I was there.


Erika Knight and Arabella Harris at Unwind Brighton

We went on holiday (twice!) last month, to two different parts of Cornwall, did lots of walking, ping pong, surfing (mr), knitting (me) and taking in the sunshine.  I started this crazy rainbow jumper which I got addicted to and then quickly lost interest, and then made my first shawl, which has been fun, and made good bus knitting.IMG_3808


Addictive rainbow jumper knitting.  Not so fun now it’s cold and rainy.


My Saltwater Sandals tan lines, oops!

In this month’s mag, I wrote a feature on how to change yarn colours using photoshop, which is the process I used to figure out which order to work the crazy colours in the above picture.  It’s a simple method but it did give me a rough idea of what the piece might look like. 

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 21.37.20

Now I seem to have reached a natural knitting break, which I’m sure will return soon.  I’ve been thinking about starting a vibrant yellow jumper, but then feel guilty when I remember the number of WIPs sitting in the basket in my living room.  The design bug has left me too, but I think this is something to do with the urge to come home from work and do nothing, which is actually quite lovely.


I have been doing a fair bit of reading though.  I’m not usually one to go on about books as I don’t really rate my review skills, however I did just finish this one which I will recommend.  If you are looking for something beautifully written to get totally lost in then this might just be it.