Easter ramblings

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! My weekend started out well, we went to collect a sofa from the lovely Kate at work, which prompted several shiftings around our living room to see what worked best. We’ve been living with a futon as a settee for the last 2.5 years (see photo in last post) and it has been gradually depressing me.  This seems to use less space in the living room and it actually feels like a grown-ups room now, as opposed to something more studenty.


Shifting turned to decluttering and soon I was sorting through all my knitting books and giving them their own shelves.  Although it seems the odd few other tall books may have snuck in there too!


Just as everything was starting to look nice, we hit a few problems. A persistent leak dripping from the bath into the kitchen, which has been going for years un-noticed, is now quite apparent. And wet.  Then an avalanche of paper-work, books, musical instruments, a stereo and a printer in Chris’s studio, as the shelves containing them decided enough was enough.  Oops.  This led to taking a car-boot full of stuff to the charity shop and a couple of long days tidying and reorganising EVERYTHING.


Isn’t it funny though how sometimes it takes something that seems like a nightmare at the time to make you sort yourself out? It was so refreshing to throw things out, relabel stuff we wanted to keep in boxes, and make everything so much more minimal.

Freeing up plenty of space to do some crafting :)



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Operation Sewing Box


I’ve decided it’s time I gave my sewing box some love. Shamefully, it’s been sat like this in my living room for sometime now as I continue to put more stuff in it and never really throw anything away. Today I decided enough was enough and I was going to fix it up and start using it properly.


The box cost me £5 in the PDSA shop in Exeter about 10 years ago. I’ve always loved the idea of having a proper sewing box, but my creative side conflicts with my tidy side so I go through phases of making stuff for weeks before I turn around and notice everything is a mess.

20140415-225604.jpgSometimes you need to make a mess before things get tidy!

Now things are looking much happier:



and I discovered a few old things with uses..




I’m not sure how long it will stay this way, but this is certainly an improvement! Now to tackle my needle box..

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An exciting find!


I found this blanket last week in a vintage shop in Shoreham-by-Sea for a mere £12! It needs some love in a few places and will eventually be replaced by this blanket I’m crocheting in Erika Knight Vintage Wool, when this will become my camping blanket. I’ve always fancied something like this to snuggle down with when staying outdoors, but don’t think I’d ever have the heart to do it with something I’d put so many hours into myself in case it got spoilt.


Whoever made this obviously had a good eye for colour and spent some time on this, so I’m sure they’d be pleased it’s gone to a good home.


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I’ve reached the end of a knitting deadline, so I decided to treat myself to some fabric!
I’ve decided to recreate this skirt, which cost me 50p in a charity shop! It’s made in 3 pieces, wraps around and fastens with buttons at the front, and has a couple of darts in the back.

Excuse crappy photo. Phone blogging has it’s benefits but shiny sharp photos isn’t one of them!

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My Hats Design Workshop and Gwythian pattern now on iTunes

My Hats Design Workshop from Issue 63 is now available for just £2.99 though The Knitter app on Apple Newsstand, for iPhone and iPad. Not only does this include the pattern for Gwythian, there is also a 4 page spread on designing your own hats, and an interview with yours truly!


Quite the bargain, I should say :)

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Happy Birthday Mum!

It was Mum’s birthday this week and I recently succeeded in getting her back into knitting (I think sending her my first published pattern in the Knitter may have played a part – there was also a tempting sweater in the same issue!)

As it were her who taught me to knit in the first place, aged about 5, I thought an apt present might be a little needle roll in which to keep that fast growing collection of Knit Pro interchangables.


I found this sweet tutorial over at Today We Made and adapted it to include an extra pocket for cables, stitch holders and the little purse I included to hold notions.



This was also my first attempt at a hand sewn button loop (I saw they were a challenge on the Great British Sewing Bee and thought I’d have a go.) It was hard! But I’m quite pleased with this for a first attempt.


Now I just need to make a second one for myself!

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